3 comments on “Roe Campsites Road 1 Sites 400 to 421

  1. Hi Ron,
    We have dogs and I hope you can tell me which site is the most private in Arrowhead.
    What do you think about site 61 and 62? Do you know, by any chance, if we could go kayaking from these sites?
    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
    your website is unbelievable

    • Hi Anna,
      Actually most sites in Lumby Campground are little more open than the rest of the park and some are wide open at the front. The two you picked however are off by themselves I would try Campsites in the roe campground area. albeit the dog beach is in Lumby campground. Road four in Roe in the middle are pretty private and are non electrical. No campsites are on the water so no matter what campsite you picked you would have to carry your Kayak to the water. Most people leave their canoes and kayaks off to the side at the beaches and i have never heard of anybody using them at all. If you want closer to the water road seven at the bottom are two campsites but are not private. I have camped in all 3 campgrounds and Roe is my favorite of being private. East River is pretty private also and there are a number of non electrical sites at the end of each road. Road 10, 9, 8 are all for tents. road 8 has good private sites. Road ten are huge campsites but are not as private. I see they have stopped naming the roads by number on the map. Road 8 in East River starts at 322. those sites are pretty private on that road.
      The sites you picked are OK as there are only four sites on that road. Advantage is you are adjacent to the lake. I hope I was of some help. Enjoy your camping trip 🙂


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