2 comments on “Roe Campsites Road 5 Sites 458 to 471

  1. great site Ron
    it looks to me , by your pix, that most of the electrical sites in Roe, have there own electrical outlet…..
    i’ve only camped in East River….but i’m going for Roe this year. road 1 or 2 looks like the area for me.
    my only concern is the poison ivy..(don’t wander in the bush?)

    • Yes you are right about Roe. all electrical campsites have thier own post. Roe is the better campground of the two. Well for me anyway. Yep watch for poison ivy. There are signs of where it is and it is not everywhere in Roe just down towards the loops on some of the roads. None of us in all these years have ever had poison ivy. I educated my kids on it and actually took them on a tour of where it is and physically pointed it out to them. So now they know what to look for and to avoid it. They still wonder through the bush chasing the deer. Most campsites do not have poison ivy any where near them.

      have a lot of fun this summer


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