3 comments on “East River Campground Road 10 sites 338 to 351

    • Hi:
      Campsite 338 is a large campsite located at the end of East River Campground. While we never camped on the site we did rake it during our volunteering there. These campsites have no electricity and are well wooded around the perimeter. The front of the campsite is more open and are not as private as others because of the way it was cut out for access. This only pertains to the front access and is private all around the sides and back.These sites are fantastic if you need the room for a large trailor or a large family up to six allowed. The sites have good drainage from rain and are flat for easy setup of your tent or trailer. We did stay in East River on roads six and seven which are a little more private. I would give this site a thumbs up 🙂 It is also located near Stubbs Falls which is a great place to relax by the river. The great thing about being at the end is less traffic going by although not much traffic to begin with.
      Enjoy Your stay I know you will love it. Go here for details http://reservations.ontarioparks.com/en/campsite.cgi?&p=154&g=340&s=338

      Ron Gaston

  1. Hi Ron , the Hannah family and the Goslen family will be car camping for the frist time in your park we are from peterbough on we are in east river on site 344 so how far are washroom from there and is there a shower place near by we have one person with a bad hip and one handicap boy jw thanks

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