4 comments on “Lumby Campground North Sites 58 to 61

  1. Thank you very much for this fantastic website! We love to camp and our favourites include silent lake and bon echo. We’ve never been to arrowhead but heard great things about it…challenging to get a nice site when you haven’t been there. Your website was very helpful!

  2. Hi Ron,
    FANTASTIC blog. I love how you have photos of all the sites. It’s very helpful. I’m thinking of booking sites 60 or 61 in North Lumby. Is the beach walkable with kids? The Falls? I think we may have to leave our bikes at home for that trip….any info would be super helpful!

    • Lumby has its own beach so very walkable. Keep in mind there are no campsites on the water so no matter which one you pick you still have to hoof it. There is parking near the beach also. As for the falls that is a hike unto its own anyway and from where your campsite is a rather long hike. I have walked it but coming back up the hill on the road on your way back could be a bit breathtaking if you know what I mean. Or you can cut through the brush adjacent to the road and head back into Lumby that way. There is parking where the trail starts towards the falls also.

      Have fun


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