4 comments on “Lumby Campground South Sites 109 to 136

  1. Are sites 130 and 133 next to each other? Enough for two families to be close by?

  2. wanted to know how 133 and 135 are for two families? We would like to be able to see our tent from the other campground when the kids go to sleep.

    • Hello

      You have to remember that these campsites are seperated by trees and bush so at night it gets pretty dark and you cannot see your hand in front of your face standing on the road where there is no light. Unless it is a full moon. So to answer your question is no but they are close together within yards of one another. We have done the same thing but we leave a lantern burning outside to light things up a bit so if the kids get up at least they can see. Another thing to have is those two way radios for those times when they are out of site.
      Enjoy your Stay


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