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  3. Betsy Browne Dyer was my great grandmother’s baby sister. They were born about 20 years apart. Aunt Betsy and Uncle Tim (Clifton) had no children and left a trust fund for numerous grand-nephews for higher education. My grandfather, Betsy’s nephew, Erle Sturgis, followed his Uncle Tim to southern Ontario for fishing and also fell in love with the area. As a family we have settled on Jack Lake.

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment and a little more history to the place where my family has visited every time we are in the area.

      • My Husband introduced me to the Dyer Memorial a few years ago. We always mark our visit to Huntsville with a “visit to the Dyers” as we say…
        It is a beautiful testament to the Enduring Love of a Man to his Wife; and of her Love to her Husband.
        We always feel the Dyer’s presence when we are there. Truly a place filled with Love and Warmth for Eternity.

        Martha & John Shepherd

    • Over Thanksgiving my family for the first time went to visit the Dyer Memorial. It is breathtaking. Kathleen, do you know who takes care of the grounds now or who i could contact. I’m interested in volunteering some time in maintaining the gardens or arranging a crew to give the property some TLC. Can anyone offer some information?

  4. I used to visit Dyer Memorial with my mom and siblings, and always remembered it fondly in my heart of childhood memories. now my mom has passed a way, and I have children of my own, I am planning to return with them so that they can have the memories as well. Its a shame if it doesn’t get the care and maintenance that it deserves because of lack of money. Its such a beautiful romantic place to visit.

  5. This is a beautiful memorial. I am proud to say my great grandfather help build it many years ago. As well as other famous attractions around Ontario.

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