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Located just minutes north of Huntsville off Highway 11. This is the place to be to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of nature. There are numerous hiking trails throughout the park which you can view nature in its natural settings. Wildlife abounds throughout this park including  many species of birds including the Great Blue Heron, Ravens, Blue Jays, hawks among others. Red squirrels, chipmunks, beavers and Deer are plentiful in the park along with the odd Bear and Moose that come wondering through for a visit. Fawn near Stubbs Falls TrailThe campsites are well spaced out and are private which are surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest. Arrowhead is split into three separate campgrounds, Lumby Campground, Roe Campground and East River Campground of which the latter two have electrical sites. All three have comfort stations as well as privies on every road in the campgrounds.

In the park you will find two small lakes, Mayflower and Arrowhead Lake and two rivers that run through the park, Little East River and the Big East River. On Arrowhead Lake there are four beaches  that are equipped with picnic tables and lots of sand. At the main beach there is a place you can rent bikes, canoes and kayaks or if you forgot your accessories at home they also rent life jackets, paddles and bike helmets as well. You can enjoy a quiet day paddling on the lakes or down the rivers without being disturbed by motorboats as they are not permitted in the park. A beautiful sunset on Arrowhead Lake

The Staff here are all very pleasant to deal with and are here to help you in anyway. The Park Wardens patrol the park on a regular basis to ensure your safety and comfort. From the Park Superintendent all the way down to the students that work here during the summer months you can be rest assured that they will provide you with an enjoyable camping experience filled with memories. So come on  in and enjoy Camping from spring until fall and during the winter months you can enjoy winter camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing as well as going down the tubing hill or simply a quiet skate on the ice rink with Mayflower Lake as the backdrop.Park Naturalist giving an interpretive hike on Mayflower Lake

For more info visit: Arrowhead Park in the Ontario Parks Website.

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